CITB SiteSafetyPlus, Construction Skills Training Courses

CITB Site Supervisors’ Safety Training Scheme Course (SSSTS) – Two Days

This course is designed for first line managers, foreman, gangers, team leaders and supervisors: those who have, or are about to acquire, supervisory responsibilities and need to understand their legal duties to better contribute to the instruction, supervision and monitoring of tasks and activities to ensure safety on site.

A natural progression from this course would be to attend the Site Management Safety Training Scheme (SMSTS)

CITB Site Management Safety Training Scheme Course (SMSTS)  – Five Days

This course is designed for construction site managers, agents, surveyors, construction directors and project directors, and persons who are, or are about to be, responsible for planning, organisation, monitoring, controlling and administering groups of staff and workforce.

The course covers all relevant legislation and other issues that affect safe working in the building, construction and civil engineering industries. It highlights the need for risk assessment in the workplace, the implementation of the necessary control measures and adequate communication to sustain a health nad safety culture among the workforce.

CITB Site Management Safety Training Scheme Refresher Course – Two Days

The refresher course is for Delegates who have previously passed the full five-day (SMSTS) course and can provide proof of attendance. It aims to bring their health and safety knowledge up to date, as well as giving a thorough overview of legislative changes and their impact in the workplace. The course includes a wide range of topics, some building on those contained within the five-day course programme and others introducing new subjects.

CITB Health and Safety Training  Course – One Day  (CSCS New Green – Site Operatives Card)

From 1st July 2014 the Green Construction Site Operative (CSO) card will no longer be issued.  There will be a new green CSCS card only available for people working in labouring occupations.

CSCS’ role is to provide a scheme for the construction industry that confirms site workers’ training and qualifications. Many site workers who are carrying out skilled occupations have been applying for the Green CSO card as the easiest route to gain access to construction sites. This makes it difficult for contractors to use CSCS cards as a reliable method of checking that site workers have the appropriate skills to work on construction sites safely and effectively.

If you have a Green CSO card that expires after 1st July 2014, the following applies:

Your card will remain valid until its current expiry date. If you need to replace the ‘Green’ card, you will need to provide evidence that you have achieved one of the following:

1. QCF/SCQF Level 1 Award in 2 “Health and Safety in a Construction Environment”.  or

2, One Day CITB Site Safety Plus “Health and safety Awareness Course”.

3. Also, to have passed the CITB Operative Health, Safety and Environment test within two years prior to applying for the new CSCS Card.

Likewise, if you are applying for the CSCS Green Card for the first time after the 1st July 2014, you will need to provide the same evidence as above at 1, 2, and 3 above.

The CSCS card costs £30.00. The Health, Safety and Environment Test cost is £17.50.

PFP Safety Services can provide the one day CITB Site Safety Plus “Health and Safety” Course” for £120.00. This will include CITB registration fee and course workbook. There is a 25 question multiple assessment and successful candidates will be awarded the CITB Site Safety Plus certificate.