PASMA Tower Safety Review

PASMA, the lead industry body for the mobile access tower sector, has published its long awaited review into recommended best practice for the avoidance of falls from height when using mobile access towers.

The review, which took 16 months to complete, was carried out in collaboration with the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) and represents a significant milestone for the industry. According to PASMA, the 20-page report, which includes a foreword by HSE, brings clarity to the use of Through the Trap (3T) and Advance Guardrail (AGR) methods for assembling, altering and dismantling mobile access towers.

The report concludes that when used in accordance with manufacturers’ instructions and guidance, both methods continue to provide an acceptable safe method of work, with AGR systems providing comprehensive fall protection and the 3T method using conventional components to minimise the risk of a fall.

A copy of the report, which contains a number of other observations and recommendations – particularly in regard to the enhanced coverage of AGR in the practical element of PASMA training – is available as a PDF download from PASMA’s recently re-launched website.


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