Working at Height

TG20:13 Technical Guidance

European Standard BS EN 12811-1 is the current standard for scaffold erection but this does not contain a “standard configuration”, therefore all scaffolding structures built to BS EN 12811 require individual bespoke designs. Since this is not workable in practice, the National Access and Scaffolding Confederation (NASC), the recognised UK trade body, developed TG20 to reintroduce the concept of standard configuration of scaffolding. This is achieved by providing definitions for “TG20 compliant” scaffolding. TG20 compliant scaffolds are standard configurations of scaffolding that have been designed by structural calculation to BS EN 12811. Any scaffolding that can be shown to be erected in accordance with TG20 is therefore also in accordance with the design requirements of BS EN 12811 and exempt from further design.
Scaffold structures should therefore be constructed to BS EN 12811, which will require a structural design drawing, OR, the scaffold is to be identified as being “TG20 compliant” and constructed to TG20 compliance sheets, which need to be produced by the scaffolding contractor and provided to the ‘client’ requesting the scaffold. READ MORE

PASMA Tower Safety Review

PASMA, the lead industry body for the mobile access tower sector, has published its long awaited review into recommended best practice for the avoidance of falls from height when using mobile access towers. READ MORE